The McNab Suite

Your canopy bed in the McNab Suite

Wake up and smell the sea in the McNab Suite

This suite has a canopy king sized bed and a spectacular dome shape bathroom. Along with a breakfast area and work station, in front of the window facing the ocean, makes this a memorable stay.

A little sitting area is also part of the McNab room with possible in-room breakfast service. A special treat – view of the McNab Island lighthouse from several areas of this room.

The view of McNabs Island

Story of McNabs Island:

McNab’s Island is located directly across the “Star of the Sea Bed and Breakfast” location. A lighthouse on Maugher Beach is clearly visible at the tip of the island.  It played a major role in defending Halifax Harbour. The island was first settled in 1780’s by Peter McNab and family.

During World War 2 steel anti-submarine net were installed between the island and York Redoubt to prevent German U-boats from entering the harbour. Maugher Beach, where a lighthouse stands, is also known as “Hangman’s Beach” because of its use by the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic wars to hang the bodies of executed mutineers as a warning to crews of ships entering the harbour that this was a port where they had best behave themselves.


Breakfast nook 

Relax with a book or a friend











McNab peace

McNab peace

A cup of tea in the afternoon